Khamis, 29 April 2010

The Last Remnant

In a few days my time in Uitm N9 will come to its end. It is really sad for me to say good bye after chain of memoirs was created. Arh... I hate this felling. I guess that just me, it really hard to say goodbye to something that you love.

I still remember the first day I was here, everything seem so new to me. It has been 2 years since my last encounter with another. It is really hard to start a new beginning. Moreover, i have to move out of my comfort zone. That really scared me a lot. In the end, a classis thing happens, i ran a way (like usual).

I’ve done some thinking about my future, there’s a lot of thing that i want in this world, but a lot of time had been wasted. Nak ke x nak ak kene start somewhere, So beginlah my time at Uitm N9. There’s a lot of this to remember about N9 live. Best apartment, Best housemates+ Uncle Salam, Best lecture, Best food in pilah, ( bnyk sngt yg akan dikenang ). Its true what old folks use to say “you will never love something if you do not know it”

In a few day, all of this will be a memoirs in my heart. Hope that this will not be the last time.
My room yg mmg messy gile
With our coodinator
Tekstile Outing ( Bowling )
UiTM N9 Bowling Tournament ( Champion )
Masquerade Dinner