Khamis, 24 Jun 2010

internet yg tenat

      internet aku skrng tgh sengal giler, hampir tenat aku tnggu. so x leh la nak on9 slalu.
    ap2 pun saje nak update blog ni yg dah mmg bersawang. 

Sabtu, 12 Jun 2010

The Waiting Is Over

           After several weeks of waiting, finally the day had come. My First result in the University level. Agak gembire la jugak. dah lame x blajar, trus2 je ambik exam. what i can say, i'm quite happy with the result although x dpt Dekan. It's ok next sem i'll try harder than the 1st sem. Target utame tetap same. New Sem = new strategy

That the end of this story. By the way, England is leading 1-0 USA

Khamis, 3 Jun 2010

li2cr2o7 < uncomplete Post>

       It has been days, i can't really complete the poem. Maybe the poem are mean to be incomplete, or maybe i'm not in the mood this past few days, hopefully someday i can complete it when the time come. For now, apa2 je lah, x de idea aku nak wat ap. To tell you the truth, i'm a bit disappointed.  There is a lot of thing yg aku nak wat tapi semua incomplete.

 Anyway today purpose to be the result of the photography competition, but the results are really slow. .
That The End