Selasa, 30 Mac 2010

Masquerade night

ap kebende lah masquerade tu? Yg ak tau lah masquerade tu org yg pakai topeng tuk party @ dinner tuk majlis tari-menari ( tari-menari ke? ) haha... yg lain x tau lah pulak... ESOK test English so ak tulis dlm formal English...

A few weeks a go, i was attending a Masquerade dinner at the De Palma Hotel & Inn Shah Alam. don't really remember the date. So the dinner when well. Here some of the pictures. A picture can describe a thousand word.

That it for know. ( aku nak tdor )

Ahad, 28 Mac 2010

The First Post

wow my first post..i don’t really know what to write..well the first post is all about nothing actually…for me the first post is like a first impression when you go for an interview or meet someone new..first impression are the most important aspect in any field…

Writing about first impression..remind me of a story…a true story…

The story started in the year 2003….well for the this is the year full of expectation. The year where i think is the turning point of my childhood. No more crying when other teasing…no more being bullied…now i have more control of my anger. it’s just like the start of something,s not like i’m always cool..there come a time when i lost control of myself…when that happen i really hate make me fell useless, shame, regret, and sometime i felt angry at my self for losing control of my self…many damage was done by my anger..I lost friends because of that. sometime i don’t really know what to do when other make fun of me.I felt very weak if i just sat and do nothing.. This year i have learn to be a little bit independent… no mom & dad…no more PlayStation…no more cartoon…but i’m still just a child in a big a place of learning ( that what i’m being told )..a place where we can achieve greatness in our life..

Enough mumbling from me..let get back to our story about first impression..The story is about my friend.. a good friend of mine..let not mention name…let call him IMIL…to tell you the truth the first time i saw IMIL was on 9 January 2003..The first word that i could think of is ######..let just not mention it…..after the first week…IMIL became famous for his childish, irritating manner, self being, no word can describe it…i never meant to make him look bad..because of his attitude IMIL become primary target for all the bully's..i my self has turn to something that i’m not proud..yup into a bully..IMIL was bullied for quite sometime…..

That not the reason i’m telling this story….after a few year..IMIL change..IMIL became smarter..more mature, more responsible, and a little dorkier..that OK..his changes really make me impress..hardly to say suddenly i look up to him….as a role model..i impress with his ability to change from negative to show how powerful we can be if we put our mind into it…honestly i’m not telling him that my look up to him…maybe it my ego that prevent me…maybe i’m just being a drama queen…

The point that i try to prove here…first impression is the most important aspect to judge someone..but we can’t judge a book by looking at it cover…it in the inside that important. who know the content might surprise you…just like a treasure chess ugly outside but valuable inside.. But remember that not many can see inside in just a take time to know someone..and some people use their experience to see inside….and it take a lot of everything to say that you are better than other..think about just a man up to our self to make thing happen….

To IMIl…if your are reading this your are a good friend..and be a good friend that you are. hope that you will reach the star that you dream….

i hope that i still have a time to write another post….feel free to leave a any comment.. really appreciate the comments……

ooh and sorry for any mistake in this post i’m still learning…..

OK that it… that the story…hope it can help you in any way….